Sponsor the Vernonia Friendship Jamboree
& Logging Show!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of the Vernonia Friendship Jamboree & Logging Show! This year, the Jamboree will be taking place
August 7-9 2020. 

The Vernonia Friendship Jamboree & Logging Show is a 3-day event that takes over the town with the purpose of reuniting old friends and making new ones.
​The event is based around our annual Logging Show that keeps the spirit of logging in our community alive.  Other long-standing events that are a part of the Jamboree include: a Car Show, Motorcycle Show, Black Powder Encampment and Equestrian Events.  We strive to have a variety of food and merchandise booths, family fun activities and entertainment.  


Applications will be available after the committee has time to approve them and post them.  We hope to have this done soon.  

For Website Advertising and/or Sponsorship opportunities, please contact:​

Nicole Sullivan

Email: sponsors@vernoniafriendshipjamboree.com

P.O. BOX 176 Vernonia, OR 97064   /      info@VernoniaFriendshipJamboree.com
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