Vernonia, Its People

"The past is our heritage, the present is our reality and the future is our dream."- The Vernonia Eagle Supplement, 1966

In 1957 the Oregon American Lumber Company, after having logged 28,000 acres and cut 2-1/2 billion feet of lumber, closed its operation and the town withered under the impact. Population dwindled to a handful of families and a few small businesses were all that was left. The people who remained, however, were still charged with a dream of the future and they would not allow Vernonia to succumb. Armed with the heritage and dreams of the people, Vernonia has successfully fought the hardships of the past and has made the idea of a better community a reality. 

The Vernonia Friendship Jamboree & Logging Show was established in 1957 as a way for friends who had moved away to reunite with friends who remained in Vernonia. The Jamboree has always been a 3 day event, and now takes place the first full weekend in August. The schedule of events changes annually, with the exception of our longest-standing event, The Logging Show. 

Our Mission

"Bringing old and new friends together to support our community 
and celebrate our heritage." 

As we continue the tradition of Jamboree, we strive to reunite old friends and welcome new friends with open arms. We celebrate our heritage with our annual Logging Show, which unites generations and keeps the spirit of logging alive in Vernonia. The Vernonia Friendship Jamboree & Logging Show will continue to grow and evolve, but our mission will always remain the same. 

Most people do not know that the Jamboree is run by a small committee of volunteers. The committee members volunteer year-round to plan and fundraise for this event. Without the Jamboree committee, the tradition would have ended long ago and there would be no Jamboree. We would like to extend a BIG Thank You to all of the past and present Jamboree committee members for continuing this long-standing tradition and volunteering their time to make it happen.

We look forward to welcoming 7,000+ people to our hometown of Vernonia, Oregon..."Where everybody calls you friend." 

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